1972 I was born in Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria on April 18th at 1:10 pm as son of the caterer Heidemarie and the musician Dieter. For the first three years we traveled around Austria (Bad Hall, Stattersdorf, Zürs, Velden, Obertauern and Vienna) and Germany (Garmisch, Mittenwald, Karlsruhe and Munich), caused by the jobs of my father. I was three years old, when I finally stood on skies fort he first time in Zürs.

1976 we spent our first winter in Seefeld. The fact, that I would have to go to school soon and that Seefeld is a pretty village led my parents to the decision, to stay there. I visited the kindergarten, primary school and three years of premature school there. One year out of those I lived in a boarding school in Reutte, where I showed for the first time, that I cant handle too much appreciation. The teachers were calling me genius, what made me feel like a genius. A genius knows everything, so why should he learn. The only way to pass the year, was the promise to go back to Seefeld and never show up again.

1985 we moved to Vienna. This might sound great for several 18-year-old´s… But as 13-year-old, growing up in the mountains, I felt like Heidi in Frankfurt – just without a Clara (what could have been an argument)  😉

In the capitol town of Austria I visited the last year of the premature school, what I always have to mention, when people look at the year-book of the school, because looking at my classmates they suppose it was Antalya, Kiev o rat least Budapest.

The only positive thing about this east-intermezzo of my youth seems to be the fact, that I found the base for my freestyle-career at the biggest and most famous amusementpark of Austria – the PRATER in Vienna. Here I spent hours and days in an airbag-castle teaching my self up to the level of a BARANI (which is a front-flip with 1/2 twist) and a FULL (which is a back-flip with a full twist).

1986 I visited the technical highschool for electronic engineering for one year – and „visited“ is the absolutely right word in this case. I failed this class in four subjects and for the second time in my life it looked like incapacity or laziness on my part, what was actually too much psychological pressure, turning out in a mental frustration. However – after that year I was done with school in general and actually also with Vienna, because in 1987 my parents got divorced, what led me to the decision that I wanted to take part in this happening and leave my parents also.

1987 my youth-friend Mario was about to absolve an apprenticeship for precision engineering at the company SWAROVSKI OPTIK in Absam in Tirol. Since I liked this kind of job and felt talented I went to an audition and got a chance.

So I informed my father about my plans and that I would like to start my own life now – with or without the parental financial background. My father supported this decision as good as he could and gave me all money I needed additional to the small payment which I received in the beginning. This was within the base for a very deep and strong friendship, which has nothing further to do with an average relationship between a father and his son. The first two months I had to live in a motel. Then I found a room at a very nice family in Absam.

1990 I graduated as trainer for trampoline with a states-examination.

1991 I finished the apprenticeship and graduated specialised for computer steered metal working machines of any kind and stayed in the company for another six months.

1992 I entered the army and signed a contract for a special forces unit for sports, until the year 2004 and was stationed from that day for 12 years in Innsbruck.

1999 I started to use my possibilities and connections to built up some sport – events in Austria . The events got bigger and bigger, and after all they turned out for me as another option beside music, to have a profession after my freestyle-career.

2001 I stepped into the FIS as founder and eventcoordinator of my so called AERIAL GAMES – a tour on european continental level, which took place in five nations across Europe in its first year.

2002 I bought a house in Zirl, willing to finally seddle down. The fixing and finalizing of the house took that much time and energy, that all projects were postponed to the next year.

2004 I left the special forces of the army and started a college for “Sport- and Eventmarketing” which is foundet and supported by the army and the Gouvernment. Never the less I still followed my sport-career, which is planned to end with the Olympic Games in 2006 in Torino.

2006 I gratuated and finished as „International Sport- and Eventmanager“ at the European-Business-School.

2006 I finished my carreer as freestyle-skier very loud at the event „Church-Jump“ in Fieberbrunn, where 3.500 Spectators gave me a very warm and peaceful farewell.

2008 I put up my first standing-alone event in Nauders with the name „Knights Of The Air“. 5.000 Spectators, 14hrs TV worldwide and a lot of local media justified the big budget the village and the sponsors gave me.

2008 I absolved the state-sport-college for an international A-degree and started my rookie-project Aerial-Artists-Academy in Tirol and Vienna. At the same time the Czech Skifederation asked me to support them, so I signed a contract until the Olympics in Vancouver 2010 as Nationalteamcoach of the Czech Freestyleteam.

2009 I invented life2009 together with the Ice-Skate-Champion Emese Dörfler-Antal. This Charity-Gala and my job as Czech Coach kept me pretty busy until 2010.

2009 , right after the Premiere of life, we made the decision, that life would go on. This fact and the title of the song led to the new name oft he event: life goes on…

2010 was the grand opening of the Area47, what gave me the chance to put on skis again. From July 2010 this is the new base for Freestyle in Austria, with a permanent training like Auditions and Camps under my supervision.